Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

I am writing this from the corner of a condo. Around me are four little girls scrambling for the rest of the glitter for their craft projects, and giggeling in a way that only those excited for Christmas could. There's jazz music playing through the tv, Christmas tunes of course. There's a very tiny Christmas tree behind me, piled precariously on top of the pile of gifts, that have somehow survived the four hour drive up here.

Some people have been telling me over the past few days about all the wonderful traditions that they enjoy with their families. Our family has our own traditions, that vary every year, because we are always in a different place. I honestly had to rack my brains for something I could share. Now, sitting here with all the crazyness surrounding me, I remember.

Every year my mom does stockings. Now I know that most people do stockings, and that might not be a unique tradition, but it's something we all appreciate so much. She wraps every indiviual gift, and finds room for them in the stockings that my grandma hand sewed. Each of us has our own stocking, with our name and a picture cross stitched onto it. Mom and I have spent many evenings together trying to come up with ways to wrap toothbrushes, chocolates, and socks. One year, I wrapped everything in the shape of a cow.....I even drew faces on them. Don't ask me how, I honestly don't know....all I know is that every year that gets brought up.

Every year there is one present wrapped completely in duct tape. I'm not entirely sure where this started, but I have a feeling it was a result of one of my Boessenkool uncles. There has been an ongoing feud to see who can make the present the most difficult to unwrap. One year, as revenge for a paricularily difficult wrapping job, my father presented my uncle with his present. Completely surrounded, with a happy face taunting him to just try to get at the insides. I don't think that cement block ever did get opened.

What are some of your Christmas traditions?

ps. If you are reading this Christmas Day, get off your computer and sing a carol. At the top of your lungs. It's fun.

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Heidi said...

I love the P.S. :D

Four part harmony, anyone??